The Canary Islands draw visitors for thousands of reasons. From their incredible landscapes and towns to their beaches, not to mention their people and cuisine. But also for the practice of exciting sports like surfing. This time, we talk in our blog about adaptive surfing in Gran Canaria, which is shining this weekend thanks to the LPA Surf City No Limit Fundación Disa event.

Adaptive surfing in Gran Canaria

Adaptive surfing is an exhilarating physical activity that connects those who practice it with the unique energy of ocean waves. Traditionally it has been associated with images of athletic youths gliding through blue seas. However, in recent decades, a modality has emerged that challenges this stereotypical image: adaptive surfing.

Adaptive surfing provides the opportunity to enjoy the adventure of riding waves. Thus, it is transforming the sports landscape, making it more accessible and inclusive.

Origins of adaptive surfing

Adaptive surfing originated in the 1980s in Hawaii. At that time, a group of occupational therapists focused on the sport as a form of recreational therapy for people with various physical disabilities.

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Since then, its practice has grown exponentially, backed by different associations worldwide. They have been responsible for creating specific divisions for adaptive surfing and celebrating various world and regional championships.

What benefits does it provide?

Physically, adaptive surfing is excellent for improving core strength, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.

On the other hand, surfing is also therapeutic on an emotional and psychological level. Various studies show that it contributes to improving self-esteem and decreasing anxiety and depression. Moreover, being in the water, a space where gravity is reduced, provides a sense of freedom and fluidity not found anywhere else.

In addition, over the years different modalities for its practice have emerged, which adapt to each surfer.

From tandem surfing, for those who need assistance to get on the board and maintain balance, to kneeling or standing surfing for those who have the ability to do so.

Adaptive surfing in Gran Canaria at the II Edition of the LPA Surf City No Limit Fundación Disa 2023

If you add the numerous benefits provided by the practice of adaptive surfing to a wonderful environment, you get the perfect combination.

This is precisely what has been achieved with the II Edition of the LPA Surf City No Limit Fundación Disa 2023, which is being held this weekend at Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

After the success of its first edition, held last year, this second edition has managed to gather some of the most prominent adaptive surfers in our country. Thus, it has positioned itself as one of the most relevant events of this discipline at the European level.

This festival, free of charge and open to the public, will feature numerous activities focused on inclusion and sport, complemented by workshops, live music, and gastronomic experiences.

Indeed, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria belongs to the global network of surf cities, or World Surf Cities Network, making it ideal for showcasing all the possibilities for enjoying adaptive surfing in Gran Canaria.

Without a doubt, a perfect stage to enjoy a sport that stirs passions, brought to you by Last Minute Transfer.