Christmas gastronomy in Canary Islands

Papas arrugadas with mojo are probably the most wellknown dish of the canarian food.  Of course there others, for  this reason, today as  Lastminute Transfer we want to review some of the Christmas gastronomy in Canary Islands. Christmas gastronomy in Canary Islands: an explosion of taste The cousine of Canary Islands [...]

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The starry sky of Gran Canaria in the greetings of UNESCO

In Gran Canaria there are very beautiful places. The starry sky of Gran Canaria in the greetings of UNESCO. The sky full of stars for UNESCO's greetings A few days ago we saw that UNESCO selected a wonderful picture of the photographer Nacho G. Oramas to greet these holidays. He took the [...]

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at Christmas

Many people take advance of Christmas holidays to visit Canary Islands. If you planned to visit Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at Christmas, as Lastminute Transfer we give you some good advices about what you cannot miss. Starting in a good way the trip at Christmas To start the trip [...]

Gran Canaria at Christmas

Some lucky  people will spend Christmas in a this small paradise, Gran Canaria. In Last Minute Transfer  will offer them many plans to enjoy their holidays in Gran Canaria during Christmas. How to enjoy Gran Canaria during Christmas While in December the weather in Spain is really bad, in Gran Canaria you [...]

What to do at Christmas in Lanzarote

Suggestions for Christmas in Lanzarote In the previous post we suggested several reasons to visit the island at Christmas. Today as LastMinute Transfer, we will tell you about what to do in Lanzarote at Christmas. Organizing Christmas celebrations seems to be a ritual. Whit whom hava dinner at Christmas Eve? [...]

Lanzarote at Christmas

Reasons to enjoy the island at Christmas We are in December and we have a few time before Christmas. If you want to enjoy Lanzarote in a different way, today in Last Minute Transfer we will show you how to enjoy Lanzarote at Christmas. Do you like it? A nice weather One [...]

Cactus Garden in Lanzarote

At first sight Lanzarote may seem like a desert-like island, but it offers very special corners like the Cactus Garden. Today in Lastminute Transfer we tell you more details about this magical place that must be visited. What is the Cactus Garden in Lanzarote? It is a cactarium or cactus garden. [...]

Aloe Vera in Lanzarote

In Canary Islands there are many nice things to discover. One of them is the aloe vera in Lanzarote. Today in  Last minute transfer  will talk about that. The  aloe vera in Lanzarote There are a lot of products with aloe vera in the Canary Islands. These islands are the [...]

Places to see in Teguise

As we mentioned in the other post, Teguise will be in 2020 in the list of the most beautiful places in Spain. For that reason, in Last Minute Transfer  we will explain you the best places to see in Teguise. Are you going to book with us? Places to discover in [...]