Ferries from Lanzarote

Just as in Gran Canaria, there are various ferry lines from Lanzarote that allow interesting connections across the archipelago. Today, on the blog of Last Minute Transfer and First Minute Excursions, we talk about the possibilities they offer. Getting to Know the Ferries from Lanzarote The ferries from Lanzarote offer [...]

Ferries from Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, the most populous island of the Canary archipelago, is a top-tier tourist destination. But beyond its paradisiacal beaches and rich cultural heritage, Gran Canaria also becomes an ideal starting point for exploring the other islands that make up this volcanic archipelago. Today, on the blog of First Minute [...]

Carnival of Gran Canaria

The beaches of Gran Canaria are internationally famous, but its folklore also plays a significant role in the island's tourism. Today, on the blog of FirstMinute Excursions and LastMinute Transfer, we talk about the wonderful Carnival of Gran Canaria, which is well worth getting to know. Carnival of Gran Canaria [...]