Papas arrugadas with mojo are probably the most wellknown dish of the canarian food.  Of course there others, for  this reason, today as  Lastminute Transfer we want to review some of the Christmas gastronomy in Canary Islands.

Christmas gastronomy in Canary Islands: an explosion of taste

The cousine of Canary Islands is based of seasonal products that can be mainly found by markets. It’s visible the influence of different cultures and this makes that the canarian gastronomy is so good.

For this reason, when you visit Canary Islands, people does not keep just a good memory of people, landscapes, beaches. Also tha gastronomy leaves a unique sign.

Typical starters of the Christmas gastronomy in Canary Islands

As in the rest of Spain, also in Canary Islands it’s common to eat seafood during Christmas time. The same happen with sausages and canarian cheese.

It’s common to serve also handmade croquetas and mojo canario, that is usually combined with papas arrugadas, and other recipies. An other good combination is grilled canarian cheese with mojo.

On the most of the tables we can find also pata de cochino asada. It’s a simople dish but at the same time so delicious that is conserved since generations.

A few cuts are made in a pig’s leg, where garlic cloves are introduced, giving it a unique touch. The leg is spread with lard, baked to be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Really super rich.

Popular dishes at Christmas

To warm the body, many people choose stews, broths, creams and soups. For example  puchero canario, caldo de millo, potaje de berros, garbanzos compuestos, sopa de pescado y crema de arvejas.

Each island has a different touch but the base is very similar with products of each reagion.

The main plate in Canary Islands is meat or fish. Among the preparations with meat, rabbit, chicken, veal (veal round), pork or lamb cannot be missing. Some of the most popular dishes are the rabbit in salmorejo, the cochino de adobo or de fiesta and the marinated kid.

About dishes with fish, are common the ones that contain the local species. For example  cherne, used to prepare sancocho. This dish is usually composed of boiled fish, mojo potatoes and gofio. You can’t miss it! Other fishes are the old one, the brunette or the tollos (dogfish).

Desserts of the Christmas gastronomy in Canary Islands

To complete a Christmas lunch, desserts cannot be missing.

Gofio is the main ingredient in Canarian food, that’s is why it is used to make many local sweets.

From the simple pella de gofio composed of gofio, water and salt, to the more elaborate ones that also contain honey, oil, cheese and nuts.

It is common to find the truchas de batata , that is to say some sweet pasties stuffed with angel hair.

On the other side, we have to mention  the bienmesabe. It is a sweet canary similar to a thick cream and with a granulated texture. It is usually served with ice cream and it is a unique and different sweet.

Frangollo and rapadura are other desserts that you can find in Canary Islands and that worth to taste.

We cannot avoid to mention the local  turrones, high quality and delicious taste.

Discover canarian Gastronomy with Lastminute Transfer

As Lastminute Transfer we suggest to our customers to taste the canarian food.  Thanks to our  excursions from  Gran Canaria and Lanzarote you will have the chance to discover typical plates. It’s a unique experience for senses!