As Lastminute Transfer we offer the best trasfer from the airport and the most complete excursions in Lanzarote. We guarantee a comfortable travel experience. There are different tours and the visiting the Mirador del Río is one of the most demanded.

Where is the Mirador del Río

The Mirador del Río is the north of Lanzarote, in the municipality of Haria.
It is on the top ot the Risco de Famara, more than 400 metres upon the sea level. The views of the Risco de Famara and of the Archipelago Chinijo Natural Park are incredible.

Which is the origin of the name?

El Mirador del Rio is called in this way because it’s situated in front of “El Río”, such as the part of the sea that separates Lanzarote from La Graciosa Island.
From this  place in the past, several roman and phoenicians boats use to leave and this is verified by the arquelogical remains that have been found in the area.

A work of César Manrique

This incredible place has been created by the artist César Manrique.
He created the mirador in an old military battery of the XIX century, called Baterías del Río.
Manrique was able to integrate art and nature: the camuflage with the environment it’s incredible.

Reasons for visiting the Mirador del Río

The Mirador del Río is a special place for different reasons. First of all for its locations. The view is impressive and everyone visiting Lanzarote cannot miss it.
An other reason is the possibility to admire the incredible creation of Manrique. Outside it looks like a semicircular stone amphitheater, while iside there is a huge window and the views are impressive. It’s called “Eyes of the Mirador”.
Manrique used the materials tipycal of the zone to create a different place full of light, magic and details.
There are 2 big sculptures made with old iron and recycled elements. Manrique was able to create art from nothing.
It’s possible to admire also the Natural Park of Archipiélago Chinijo and the impressive Saltflats of El Rio, known as Salinas de Guza, the oldest salinas in all Canary Islands.
Inside the Mirador del Rio there is a bar with a huge window. It’s a unic experience.

Discovering El Mirador del Río with Lastminute Transfer

As Lastminute Transfer we offer different excursions to discover the Mirador del Río. Among them we can mention the North Tour and the César Manrique Tour.

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