Useful information about Lanzarote

As Lastminute Transfer we are expert in transfer and excursions in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. Before travelling to a country, it’s necessary to look for information about basic aspects. For this reason, we provide you the most useful information about Lanzarote.

Where is Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island belonging to the Canarian archipelago, by the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the most oriental island and it is ubicated at 140 Km from the African coast and about 1000 Km  from the rest of Spain.

It belongs to the province of Las Palmas and the capital is Arrecife.

Language spoken in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote the language mainly spoken is spanish. Due to the fact that there are many tourists, it’s common to find people able to speak also English, German or French

Currency of Lanzarote

Lanzarote belongs to Spain and the currency actually used is Euro (€).

Religion of Lanzarote

The main religion in Lanzarote is the Catholic ones.

Type of electricity in Lanzarote

The type of electricity is one among the practical datas of Lanzarote, that you should verify before planning a trip to the island.

The voltage in Spain is 230V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The plugs and the pegs are of type F, valid also for the type C.

If in your country plugs or voltage are different, don’t forget to bring with you your adaptor.

Climate in Lanzarote

A pro of Lanzarote, in addition to its hospitality and the incredible views, is its climate.

Lanzarote has a subtropical climate. Temperatures are quite stable during the year, with an average of  20,9ºC. The temperature variation between day and night is minimal and this makes Lanzarote a real climate paradise.

Lanzarote has a dry or subdesert climate. In 2018, 78 days of rain have been recorded with  142,7 mm of rainfall.

Sanitary situation in Lanzarote

Lanzarote, as the rest of Spain, count with excelent sanitary infrastructures, public or private.

For european travellers, the suggestion is to bring with them the european sanitary card, to have the chance to receive medical treatment.

The other option is to buy before the travel, a medical insurance with complete coverage.

The General Hospital is in Arrecife but by the main touristic places  you can find medical centers and in many of them there is also an interpreter service.

On the island is possible to find pharmacies where you can find the necessary drugs. They are indicated with a green cross. In order to know which is the open pharmacy  on duty, you can check a cartel with the timetable.

To travel to Lanzarote no vax is required and there are no sanitary risks.

These are just some of the most important details to keep in mind before visiting Lanzarote. We hope these information are useful.  And if you want to make your stay perfect, book your transfers and your favourite excursions with Lastminute Transfer.