Rally Island of the Volcanoes: new edition

In less than one month will start the Rally Island of the Volcanes 2019 that will take place in Lanzarote in November the 1st and the 2nd.

This race belongs to the  national land rallies. There willl be expert teams and some changes according to the past.

Different organization

This edition of the  Rally Island of the Volcanoes is the XXII edition and the organization will be different.  Todo Sport, in collaboration with  FALP (Federación de Automovilismo de Las Palmas) will be responsible for the relief.

The race will take place in Arrecife. In the same place there will be also the assistance zone for the  teams and the closed parque. In an other area there will be the opening ceremony and the awards.

The route

On November the 1st will take place the acknowledgments and the relevant verifications. The shakedown will be the proper moment to make the last adjustments to the cars before the race. On the other side the qualification race will determine the departure order of the participants.

On November the 2nd, the Rally Island of the Volcanoes will count with eleven special timed. In total they will have to do more than 96 kilometres timed. This makes aprox the 38% of the test, of a total of 250 Km.

How to register

Who is interested in attend the Rally Island of the Volcanoes will have the opportunity until October the  24th.

Who needs more information can consult the web of the rally and the help section available for the participants teams.

Enjoy Lanzarote

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