Fuerteventura belongs to the canarian archipelago, and it’s very close to Lanzarote. It’s a very popular destination among surf and water sports passionates. The island is famous for its kilometric beaches. As Lastminute Transfer we offer to our customers the possibility to visit Fuerteventura from Lanzarote.

Our excursions to Fuerteventura

We offer two different kind of tours.

Fuerteventura Express

The first excursion is Fuerteventura Express. It allows to see one of the most important places of  Fuerteventura: Corralejo Dunes.

In the morning, at the established hour, our reps will pick the customers up in their accomodations. They will reach Playa Blanca and there they will cat catch the ferry  to  Fuerteventura that takes just  40 minutes.

The arrival point is Corralejo harbour. It’s the ideal point to start to visit one of the most famous places of Fuerteventura. We are talking about the impressive Natural Park of Corralejo Dunes.

Dunes seem to be desert dunes and it’s difficult to immagine that at the end of these dunes there are wonderful beaches of fine white sand and crystal waters.This place of course worths to be visited.

The protected zone of Corralejo is caracterized by 9 km coast, where big beaches alternate to small creeks ideal to rest and relax.

Close to the beaches there is the big touristic center of Corralejo. It’s a site that offers many services in terms of leisure and restaurants, to complete the visit of the island.

The zone of Corralejo Park, offers to the visitor a total contrast with the beaches. It’s a volcanic zone, with formations ocher and red.

At the end of the day, at the established hour, you will travel back by ferry. Once back in Lanzarote, we will bring every customer to his accomodation.

Fuerteventura Tour – Route to Fuerteventura

As Lastminute Transfer  we offer also an other alternative option for those who want to visit Fuertenventura from Lanzarote.

For visitors that a part of the beach are interested also in discovering the island, we have exactly what they need. Our Tour to Fuerteventura, is a full day excursion, very comfortable that allow to enjoy and discover.

We will pick up the customers by their accomodation and a ferry will bring them to Corralejo harbour in Fuerteventura. Once there, our guide will stay with them for a fascinating visit of the island.

This excursion is complete and allows to discover emblematic places like the famous church Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, located in La Oliva. It’s possible to visit also the Mirador de Morro Velosa or Mirador Las Peñitas, with its nice views.

It’s possible to have a walk also in Betancuria, famous for its Church of Santa María.

Before coming back to Lanzarote, we will pass trough Puerto del Rosario, the capital of the island. The tour ends with the visit of the espectacular dunes of Corralejo, with its unique beaches.

Once back in Lanzarote after the trip by ferry, we will transfer the customers to their accomodations.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Fuerteventura from Lanzarote!

Our excursions to Fuerteventura are very demanded, for this reason it’s better to book it in avdance.

As Lastminute Transfer we organize also transfers from Lanzarote Airport. Plan your travel in the most comfortable way and enjoy your holidays.

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