In the past we told you that Lanzarote is the perfect location to see cetaceans. For those who don’t want to jump on a boat, it’s possible to visit the Aquarium of Lanzarote.  As Lastminute transfer we will provide you more details about the main aquariu, of Canary Islands.


The Aquarium of Lanzarote is in Costa Teguise, by the Shopping Center El Trébol, in Avenida de las Acacias.

The aquarium is opened all the year long, just on Christmas day and New Year’s Eve, the opening timinings are reduced.

What is possible to see at the Aquarium of Lanzarote?

The Aquarium has 33 aquariums, for a total of more than one million liters of water.

During the tour, is possible to observe typical species from Canary Islands, for

instance the balloon fish, the clown fish and the fire dragons.

There are also impressive sharks that swim in underwater tunnels. It’ s possible to see different species.

There is an interactive section for the entire family; there are 3 tactiles aquariums where it is possible to touch some species  like sea ​​cucumbers and sea urchins. Discover the aquarium as you never thought before.

A special section dedicated to the sea conservation

Inside the Aquarium there is a section called “the garbage aquarium“. It’s mainly a reconstruction of the actual status of some of our coasts.

The aim is to share with people more information about the level of sea pollution. We should necessarily stop and change this process, to be able to protect the marine biodiversity.

Just for brave people

Would you like to dive with the sharks? The Aquarium of Lanzarote allow it wihout the need to have a special diving certificate . There are different ways to live

Turtles rescue program

The Aquarium of Lanzarote supports also a program related to the turtles rescue.

Pollution is a huge problem  and a lot of turtles are blocked in plastic and rubbish. If they are lucky, they are rescued and brought to the vet for a control.

Once the wounds have been cured, the turtles are moved to the aquarium , so that they can recover. During their stay, they are visited by vets and they are also feeded.

Turtles who  succed in recovering can be released inthe sea, while the others that need more cures, are not suitable to come back to the sea. In this case, they will stay safe in the Aquarium, far away from the rubbish.

If you are interested in this topic, during your stay, you can visit the Aquarium of Lanzarote. It’s an experience that wont’ disappoint you.

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