The offer of Lanzarote for the visitor is always very rich. Among the most important places to see, there are the famous Janubio Salt flats. Today as Lastminute Transfer we give you more details about this curious place in Lanzarote.

Where are located the Janubio salt flats

The Janubio Salt flats are located in the southwest of Lanzarote, between Playa Blanca and Yaiza.  They are just on the feet of Timanfaya National Park.

Its surroundings have not been always like today, because between 1730 and 1736, a lot of eruptions coming from the Timanfaya, totally changed the landscape.  Most of the island got black. Before the eruptions this part of the island was used for cultivations.

Ancient tradition

Salt is probably the oldest food seasoning. In fact, Roman amphorae and cocederas were found just near the sea and maybe that they could have been used to obtain the precious salt.

Salt has always had much importance in terms of history and economy of the island. In year 1605 has been asked to the Canary Audience for Lanzarote salt flats to be incorporated to the  Royal Treasury.

The salt flats have been declared as Biosphere Reserve in the year 1993 and 1 year later, they have been named as Site with scientifc interest.

They are also a special zone in terms of bird protection because a big quantity of birds use to nest there.

Features of Janubio Salt flats

Lanzarote as we already told in the past, offers a lot of contrasts for the visitor. It’s an island very diffent according to the rest of the archipelago.

Arriving to the Janubio Salt flats, the contrast with the rest of the ladscape is big. The pools show whitish hues, while the surrounding beaches and hills are black because of the lava they contain.

Every pool is delimited with rock and dark mortar, and they still conserve the ancient mills used to bring water to the enclosures.

Each pool has a different colour. The pinkish or red tones are related to a  crustacean called artemia o to a seaweed called Dunaliella salina.

Of course some of the phases for obtaining the salt, are modern, but it’s still a quite artesanal process.

From these saltflats it’s possible to obtain the famous flor de sal, composed by  the salt scales  that originate in the salt flats. It’s a 100% natural product that worht to try.

When to go to the salt flats

It’s possible to visit the salt flats during the entire year, but we suggest to go there aprox at the sunset.

The sun hiddens by the horizon and projects its reddish rays on the waters of the salt flats, producing a spectacle for the senses.

As Lastminute Transfer we offer a nice excursion that will give you the opportunity to know the zone of  the south of  Lanzarote, including the Janubio Salt flats.

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