If you are looking for a destination able to offer different experiences but that at the same time easy to visit, Lanzarote is the perfect place. In addition to the wonderful beaches and to the impressive artworks of Manrique, there are also surprising places like the Hervideros of Lanzarote. Discover everything about this magic place. As  Lastminute Transfer we provide you more details.

History of the Hervideros of Lanzarote

The Timanfaya’s eruptions of XVIII century, affected Lanzarote, above all in the west coast.

The Hervideros originated by a curious phenomenon. The eruptions were so strong and intense in this zone of the island, that they reached the sea.

Great and high lava languages ​ reached the sea. The contact of the incandescent lava with the sea water produced a rapid cooling of the lava, giving rise to these impressive formations.

The erosion generated by breaking the waves created a series of cliffs and under them caves and holes.

Discover the magic Hervideros of Lanzarote

Maybe you are wondering why this volcanic formation that belongs to the Geoparque of Lanzarote are so special.

The Hervideros of Lanzarote offer an incredible natural show. The waves break against the cliffs and the water sneaks through the holes formed by the erosion. Then leave from the cavities and reach the sea through some of the holes, forming a lot of foam and a great noise.

The water columns arrive to reach some meters high upon the surface, creating an impressive show.

When water meets the earth, it generates a strange sound that remember boling water. This is the origin of the name.

When fo to visit the Hervideros

You can visit the Hervideros of Lanzarote in each moment but we suggest to visit the place during a day in which the sea is very rocky, so that you can enjoy its maximum  strenght.

It’s a place that you can visit for free and alone but it’s better to be careful above all if you are there with children or with people with mobility difficulties.

The street that arrives there, has been designed by César Manrique. There is a parking a good indications but just the common sense can tell you up where you can arrive.

Discover the Hervideros of Lanzarote in a comfortable way

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