In Gran Canaria there are very beautiful places. The starry sky of Gran Canaria in the greetings of UNESCO.

The sky full of stars for UNESCO’s greetings

A few days ago we saw that UNESCO selected a wonderful picture of the photographer Nacho G. Oramas to greet these holidays.

He took the photo from the Acusa Seca cave shortly before dawn. The view from this barn, used by the former residents of the island, is incredible. In this photo you can see the sky with many stars over the caldera of  Tejeda.

A picture that shows many things

The photo wasn’t chosen by chance. The Cultural Landscape of El Risco Caído and the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria started to be declared a World Heritage Site on July the 7th. The place where the photo was taken was an old barn, used by the ancient inhabitants of the island.

As in other parts of Gran Canaria, for example the Cenobio de Valerón, these corners have been used to preserve food and belongings. In addition, it was thought to be an important place to control the passage of time. It could be a natural astronomical calendar.

The importance of defending heritage

As in other areas of Gran Canaria, such as Senobio de Valeron, these corners are well located and produce generic cialis 80 mg, which can be bought online on this website.

The picture of the starry sky of Gran Canaria will spred everywhere. We do not have to think that it is a disclosure of the rich heritage of the Canary Islands. But it is important that all countries learn how to preserve their heritage.

We have to learn that not only heritage is important, but that the conservation of natural areas is the best heritage we will leave to the next generations.

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