Vará del Pescao 2019

Spain is famous for its several cultural traditions.  For istance the pilgrimages as the popular Vará del pescao, that is celebrated every year in Gran Canaria. Today in Lastminute Transfer we provide you more information about this famous event.

Origin of Vará del Pescao

This celebration started in 1995, and  2019 is its XXV edition. The party takes place always the last Friday of August.

The aim of the event is to recover and to honor the sailor tradition of  Arinaga. The village had a strong sailor activity in the past: every morning the sailormen use to leave very early in order to look for fishes. Families were waiting for them to coming back at the end of the day and check if they had luck.

To inform about their arrival, sailormen use to play conch shells. People came close to check what they captured and fresh fish was sold to the neighbours.

To honor their big efforts and sacrificies, people started to organize this celebration in Arinaga.

Celebration of the Vará del Pescao

This year, at 18:00h the party will start at  Avenida de los Pescadores.

The band Tagenza will play drums, shells and chácaras, remembering the arrival of the sailormen to the village. During the day, many groups will play on the streets of the village popular rythmes.

At 19:00 h will start the romería from the Risco Verde  and many boats will arrive full of fish, as in the past.

Fish are mainly sardines that will be served as tasting during the event.

Later around  22:00h, will take places concerts. By the Ficus will play Yeray Socorro and DJ Antonio Boada, while by the square of Arinaga  D-CI, DJ Abián Reyes, Promaster.

At 23:15 fireworks by the dock of Arinaga of San Miguel pyrotecnics. It’s the most important moment of the event. To end the party by the small house of the dock there is Línea DJ.

A big party

The party Vará del Pescao  is more and more popular and in some editions, more than 20.000 people have been calculated.

If you will be in Gran Canaria during these dates, come early to enjoy the party.

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