Protected landscape La Geria

Lanzarote is always an impressive island for the visitor. It’s very different vs the other Canary Islands. There are wonderful places such as the protected landscape of  La Geria, that we will better describe in  Lastminute Transfer.

A recognized landscape

La Geria has been recognized for the first time for its singular and unique features in the year 1987. It has been declared  “Natural park”, thanks to the law  12/1987 of June the 19th, the  Declaration of natural spaces of Canary Islands. Then it has been named as “Natural Park of La Geria” and this has been the first step to protect the zone.

With the law  12/1994  of December 19th of Natural Spaces of Canary Islands, the classification of the zone changed becoming “protected landscape”.

La Geria has important protections. According to the normative  79/409/CEE about the conservation of wild birds, it has been declared as  ZEP (special protection zone for birds).

By the zone of La Geria there is the Natural monument of  Cueva de los Naturalistas, that has been declared as “area of ecological sensivity”.

Origin and development of the protected area of La Geria

Lanzarote is a volcanic island, in which the eruptions marked its history. Due to the Timanfaya’s eruptions most of the island was covered with a mantle of volcanic ash or lapilli (the Canaries usually say picón) and among the affected areas, we should name La Geria.

Local people noticed that plants covered with sandy layer grew better than the uncovered plants. For this reason they started to find a manner to take advantage of that soil.


They excavated about two and a half meters below the surface until they found the ground. The typical conical forms started to be popular by the protected landscape of La Geria. They are protected from the wind thanks to a stone wall.

The main function of this kind of stone wall is to avoid that the sand brought by Alisios winds, will be deposited on the crops.

The picón absorbe and keep humidity and this allowed farmers to start developping rainfed crops in the area. The picón avoid also the erosion of the ground and it is a sort of insulating, maintaining a constant temperature of the cultivated land.

Cultivate in La Geria

By the protected landscape of La Geria exist different  cultivations but it’s famous above all for its  wines. The visitor can see many grapevines of different kinds of grapes.

From these grapes it’ s possible to obatin the best wines of Lanzarote. Among them we should mention the high graduation wine malvasía. It’s possible to visit also local wineries to taste it. You can book one of our  excursions in Lanzarote.

In addition to grapes it’s possible to see also fig trees and other fruit trees typical of the island.

A unique landscape

La Geria is one among the principal pics of  Lanzarote. The contrast between the black ground and the green leaves, and the marcians holes, creates an incredible image.

As Lastminute Transfer we suggest to visit the protected landscape of La Geria.  We offer different excursions with a stop in La Geria and the main ones is   Lanzarote Gran Tour: that allows to visit the most important points of the island.

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