Lanzarote is a very impressive island, famous also for its proper wines. Today they have a specific denomination as DO Vinos of Lanzarote, created in 1993.

An historical tradition

In the documents is possible to find information about the wines of Lanzarote since  1737. At the beginning the wine produced was used as  aguardiente while later the wines became higher quality wines.

In Lanzarote you can find the first  winery of Canary Islands, active since the year 1775, even if probably it started its activity even earlier.


An optimum climate for the vineyards

Lanzarote is usually characterized by a stable climate all the year long. Warm temperatures are in contrast with the climate of the peninsula zones and thanks to the rare rainfalls, the island is even more special for the vineyards.The harvest in Lanzarote starts at the beginning of July, while in the rest of Europe usually at the end of summer.


An alternative cultivation

An other aspect that makes the wine of Lanzarote so unic, is the cultivation so different from the technics adopted in the rest of peninsula. Tha special method consist in using holes with a depth of about  2- 2,5 metres and planting inside.

Around the hole there is a structure made with stones, used to protect the plant from the wind.  Walking around la Geria you can visit this special landscape, unic  in the world.

This kind of cultivation is determined by handwork, for this reason the production is not so massive as in the rest of peninsula.

Tasty wines

The volcanic heart and the good weather make the tastd of this wine so unic in the world. These wines are quite acid and this contrasts the volcanomineral taste. It’s a wine unic in the world that you should try!

Quality Wine

Since 1994 all the wines are high qualitity wines. It’s a very good wine that usually get an excellent review.

4 vinyards zones

The DO wines in Lanzarote is composed by 4 different zones. La Geria, Tinajo, Masdache y Ye-Lajares.

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