Lanzarote is an island reach of varieties. You can ride a camel  throught Timanfaya or you can see beautiful beaches.

Today in Last Minute Transfer we will talk about  one of the most special place of Lanzarote:Mil Palmeras Valley

Where is the Mil Palmeras valley

Mil Palmeras valley is the popular name but its real name is Haria Valley. It is located in the north of Lanzarote in a reach land full of thousand Palmeras that give to the valley the popular name. The moderate temperatures and the rain help these precious trees to growth. You can also find cactus.

The city of Haría

Haría is one of the ancient cities of Lanzarote and  it gives the real name to the valley. During the colonization of the Island there were already some settlements in this location. The architecture of Haría perfeclty represents the typical architecture of the island. There are so many lanes that it seems a labyrinth where the palm trees come out among the white-washed buildings. There is a small market every Saturday in the square Plaza de León y Castillo, it offers agricultural and handmade objects.

This square and the one of the Constitución are gathering points for the citizens of Haría. Moreover during your staying in Haría, you should visit the House Museum of César Manrique.

Near by this attraction you can find famous Green Caves.

Hiking through the Mil Palmeras Valley

The Mil Palmeras valley has one of the most important trekking path of all the canarian islands. The route El Bosquecillo is an easy trekking of  three hours.

With this path you can cross the valley and see interesting viewpoints. It’s possible to see a beautiful landscapes with a moltitude of palms tree all around.

Visiting the Valley with Last MinuteTransfer

In Last Minute Transfer we will let you enjoy your time in Lanzarote. We will provide you the best transfers and you will have the chance to book nice excursions to explore the Mil Palmerass Valley.