In the crystal-clear waters and consistent winds of Lanzarote, a revolution in the world of windsurfing is brewing: iQFOiL. Today, from the FirstMinute Excursions and LastMinute Transfer blog, we discuss iQFOiL in Lanzarote, the trendy sport that will be Olympic.

Experiencing iQFOiL in Lanzarote

iQFOiL is an Olympic class of windsurfing introduced with an eye on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It consists of a windsurfing board equipped with a hydrofoil (a kind of wing under the water) that allows the board to rise above the water surface as it gains speed. This technology reduces friction and allows reaching impressive speeds, radically transforming the windsurfing experience.

Lanzarote has become one of the main iQFOiL development centers worldwide. The wind and wave conditions on the island are ideal for practicing this modality, and more and more windsurfers are coming to Lanzarote to try this new experience.

Therefore, the future of iQFOiL in Lanzarote is very promising. The island has all the conditions to become a reference center for this new windsurfing modality, both at a sporting and tourist level.

Thus, Lanzarote will become a reference point for training the world’s best windsurfers.

In addition, the iQFOiL Games, a high-level windsurfing competition, recently took place in Lanzarote, attracting pre-Olympic sailors and prominent athletes from this discipline.

The event was held in Playa Blanca, where participants competed in exciting windsurfing races. Among the winners were the Spanish Pilar Lamadrid and the Polish Pawel Tarnowski, who took first place in this prestigious competition.

The celebration of the iQFOiL Games in Lanzarote not only highlights the island’s appeal as a sports destination but also helps to strengthen its position as a venue for international events. Moreover, events like this generate a positive impact on the local economy and promote the island as a diverse and exciting tourist destination.