Gran Canaria is a sort of mini continent and of course we cannot forget the the sea world cannot. In Lastminute Transfer  we give you more information about the Acuarium Poema del Mar in Gran Canaria, a place that has to be visited.

Where is the Acuarium Poema del Mar

The Acuarium, is in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, by the zone of the port Sanapú, close to the famous beach Las Canteras.

Different zones of the acuarium

The Acuarium Poema del Mar is composed by different zones. On one side we can find  marine surface ecosystems. On the other hand, deep sea ecosystems and finally the area of ​​freshwater species.

The tour starts in a zone called La Jungla, where landscapes of the 5 continents are reproduced.

Then we arrive to the Arrecife, a huge cylinder where it’s possible to observe many corals and colorful fishes.

While in the zone called Deep Sea it’s possible to admire the largest curved window in the world. Its more than 36 meters wide and 7 meters high simulate an ocean that hosts more than 40 different species. Among them the sharks.

Special attention for the Canarian species. This is El Veril, where you can see green, brunette, old and pejeperros roosters …


Diferents species

The Acuarium Poema del Mar is not a simple acuarium, it tries to reproduce different ecosystems and there are different animal species, not only related to the aquatic world.

For istance, in the zone of La Jungla, there are parrots flying above vegetations and we can find also chameleons.

The Acuarium Poema del Mar count also of an artificial beach which allows the turtles to spawn. The young born are reinserted in environments of the Canary Islands where they can help to repopulate their community.


The aim of this acurium is to show  to people the different ecosystems in and to teach to love, respect and defend them.

Thanks to the  Loro Parque Foundation, exist different conservation projects of the different wild species and their habitat.

The Acuarium Poema del Mar participates in projects with animals like loggerhead turtle, hammerhead shark and angel.

Educational visits

The acuarium offers also educational visits for schools, to teach to the children which are the different species and their threats.

Other services

The acuarium offers to the visititors the Néstor  Restaurant with acuarium view, the Café Lobby at the entrance of the building and the snack bar Nemo, perfect to drink something in the middle of the visit.

There is also a souvenir shop, where you can buy something to remember the visit.

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