Gran Canaria offers sun, beach, architecture, history, culture and also gastronomy. Among the most famous products of Gran Canaria we should mention also the cold cuts of  Teror. As Lastminute Transfer we tell you about two of its most wellknown products.

Cold cuts of Teror

Teror is one of the most wellknown villages of Gran Canaria. It’s famous for its gastronomy and for its tipycal products such as the cold cuts of Teror.  There are several products but the most popular are the chorizo de Teror and the sweet morcilla.

Chorizo of Teror

The chorizo of Teror is prepared with the most tender part of the pork: the bacon, the leg and the mask.

Once the meat is selected, it is minced with the addition of a mixture of salt, chopped garlic, wine and a secret recipe of spices. You can add also some paprika that determines if it’s white sausage or red sausage. For white sausage, nutmeg is an additional condiment.

You have to knead the ingredients and stuff the result in guts. The chorizo ​​sausages contains several sections, which are around 5 cm wide.

When the sausages are cured, the texture is soft, soft and juicy. It is ideal to eat spread on bread.

In Teror some producers use to change the recipe but everybody has been able to keep the texture and the  taste of the traditional chorizo de Teror.

If you try it you will repeat of course. The chorizo of Teror is distribute in Canary Islands, in the rest of Spain and also internationally.

Sweet morcilla of Teror

Among the cold cuts of Teror, we should mention also the famous sweet morcilla. Everybody thinks it is something salty but the sweet morcilla of Teror is usually eaten as dessert.

The recipe is different than others of the Canary Islands and the rest of Spain.

There are several recipes but one among them says that in order to elaborate the sweet morcilla it’s needed to mix the blood of the pork with breadcrumbs, almonds, cinnamon, garlic, raisins and spices. Then the pasta is stuffed in pork casings and cooked in water bath.

Once prepared, they are stored until cooked, which is usually cut into wide slices for later frying.

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