The 24th edition of the Lanzarote International Film Festival will light up the island from May 16 to May 25, 2024, with screenings taking place at CIC El Almacén. This year’s official selection stands out for its rich showcase of global cinema. We discuss this on our blog at FirstMinute Excursions and LastMinute Transfer.

Lanzarote International Film Festival 2024

The Lanzarote International Film Festival presents an impressive lineup of 59 short films from a variety of international locations. These include Puerto Rico, the United States, France, Ukraine, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Iran, Colombia, Sweden, Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, Chile, Poland, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. The films represent a broad spectrum of cultural perspectives and artistic expressions.

An astounding total of 2,605 films from 116 countries were submitted to this year’s competition. These figures demonstrate the festival’s growth and its importance as an annual event for showcasing short films and audiovisual culture.

Produced by Fisme Productions in collaboration with the Council of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, and chaired by Oswaldo Betancort, the festival serves as a vital platform for both emerging and established filmmakers.

The festival’s selection committee, chaired by the Councilor for Culture, Jesús Machín Tavío, has meticulously reviewed all submissions to finalize an official selection of 59 high-quality short films. This selection highlights the diversity and commitment of the filmmakers, underscoring the festival’s role in the pre-selection process for the Goya Awards and the newly established Fugaz Awards.

Categories Presented

The festival received 1,049 submissions in the International Fiction Shorts category alone but also saw considerable participation in other categories. This includes National Fiction Shorts (600), Documentary Shorts (401), Animation Shorts (236), Children’s Shorts (218), and Canarian Shorts (101). This wide participation underscores the festival’s significance in the global film community.

Thus, this year’s edition of the Lanzarote International Film Festival promises to be a vibrant celebration of cinematic art, offering a window into the diverse and dynamic world of international cinema.