Reasons to enjoy the island at Christmas

We are in December and we have a few time before Christmas. If you want to enjoy Lanzarote in a different way, today in Last Minute Transfer we will show you how to enjoy Lanzarote at Christmas. Do you like it?

A nice weather

One of the main reasons to visit Lanzarote during the Christmas Holidays is the weather. Winter is moderate and the temperatures are steady for entire December, the temperature are between 14 and 21 ºC. This nice weather allows to enjoy the island and to discover it with more leisure than in summer.

Although it is also true that in recent years the number of people has been increasing in December. The good weather is the main reason!

Many accommodations

Lanzarote also offers an incredible amount of places to stay.

You can find different luxurious resorts with all the services and facilities for all kind of tourists. Some are more adapted to families with children and another luxury just for adults. There are also alternative apartments and aparthotels for those who live without schedules. Many possibilities can be found for different tastes and needs!

A very tasty cuisine

Without a doubt, those who taste the gastronomy of Lanzarote want it again. The island’s rich cuisine is one of the main reasons to visit Lanzarote at Christmas.

Typical dishes are a pleasure for the senses. The chefs of the area know how to treat all the products of the region in the best way, highlighting the different varieties of fish, cheese and wine, among many other options.

But in addition, the increase in tourism allows you to enjoy cuisines from all over the world. That’s why it’s easy to find dishes for all tastes.

What cuisine would you like to try to enjoy Christmas? Of course you can find it in Lanzarote. And if you like wine, you should visit the winery on the island, something you’ve never tasted!

Enjoying the  traditions

In Lanzarote you could remember the traditions if you were a religious person as if you were not.  The decorations and the lights of all the cities, the cribs in each place, the Christmas markets, parades, Christmas concerts… All this generates a Christmas atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Wearing a bathing suit instead of a scarf

Are you thinking of celebrating the new year by the sea? And with a nice weather? It is possible to do it in Lanzarote.

And for who is not scared by the cold, why not take a Christmas bath in the ocean? The mild climate will allow you to enjoy the beach in good company.

Discover the island with the best excursions.

Finally, if you want to see Lanzarote at Christmas, you can book the best excursions.

In Last minute transfer we have a portfolio of all the tours for you to enjoy your stay in Lanzarote. In addition, we offer the most comfortable transfers from the airport to where you are staying.

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