Today as Lastminute Transfer  we will provide you more details about Gran Canaria airport, the ones with the main air traffic of Canary Archipelago.

Where is located Gran Canaria airport?

Gran Canaria airport is about 18 Km from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and occupy lands of the municipalities of Telde and Ingenio.

The good weather conditions and its location itself, makes it a safe airport and this allow the air traffic 24 hours per day.

Main air traffic of Canary Islands

In the year 2018, the airport of Gran Canaria recorded more than 15 millions passengers. It is the airport with more air traffic of all Canary Islands and the sitxth in Spain.

Different terminals

There are 3 different terminals, located in the same building and very close to each other.

Terminal A, located in the green zone. It is used for flights from/to Europe (Schengen destinations in EU). The check-in area is by the up floor.

Terminal B, located in the orange zone. From here operate flights to the rest of Spain and  international flights “extra Schengen”.

Terminal C for flights that operate among Canary Islands.

Different floors of the airport

There are 3 different floors. By the bottom floor we can find the “arrivals”, the gates A1-15 and the bag drops.

On the first floor we can find the “departures” and several checkin desk. On the second floor there are  bars, a chapel, a conference room and the vip lounge Galdós.

Other services of Gran Canaria airport

At the airport is possible to find also ATM, money exhange offices and rental cars.

The airport has 2 parallel twin landing tracks. Both have a lenght of 3,1 Km and  45 metres width.

One of them is mainly used fot the military traffic, because the airport shares the infrastructures with the Air Force of Gando.

In case of need or peak season, also this runway is used.

Different airlines

Most of the flights operating from this airport are international flights. Passengers are mainly from Germany, UK and Russia.

In addition to the big airlines, arrive to Gran Canaria flights of Royal Air Maroc, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, SAS, SATA, etc.

There are also low cost carriers such as Easyjet or Ryanair, for istance.

About the national traffic, part of the flights are related to itineraries with the other Islands of the Archipelago. They are operated by airlines such as Binter Canarias, Canair or Canary Fly.

Transfers from the airport of Gran Canaria

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