Gran Canaria offers much more than sun and beach. The island counts of popular celebrations, heritage of the past. For istance the famous Fiesta de la Rama in Agaete. As Lastminute Transfer we will provide you more details

Fiesta de la Rama in Agaete

Among the popular celebrations of Canary Islands, many of them are related to branches. For example Fiestas del Corpus with its carpets, the Palmitos de Santa Ana y las Cruces de mayo. The most important event is of coursethe  Fiesta de la Rama in Agaete, that belongs to the popular celebrations  of Virgen de las Nieves.


Fiesta de la Rama is celebrated around august the 5th, when  also the Virgen de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves is celebrated.

How is the Fiesta de la Rama?

The aim of the party is to cover the village with branches: both religious building and the main streets.

In the past the event was celebrated on August the 4th. Early in the morning the inhabitants of Agaete use to go to the forest of Tamadaba to collect branches.  Then the repostery decided to better organize the event, storing the branches by La Rama Street.

Nowadays on August the 4th, a part of the branches, there are also parades and popular dances in Agaete. The dancers go around the village following the rythm of the music and waving the branches.

With them there are also the famous papagüevos: giants and with big heads that represent popular characters of Agaete.

When the dance is over, the party ends with the offer of the branches to the virgin.

The pilgrimage that moves the Virgen de las Nieves from her hermitage to the church of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción en Agaete takes place on August the 5th and the statue will be back 2 weeks later.

The origin of the party

There’s no a precise date about the origin of the celebration but in some documents found in Agaete, it seems that it was in the XIX Century. In these documents are described elements such as dances, music bands, ventorrillos, papagüevos, etc.The celebration has evoluted until now.

Someone think that the party was created to invoke the rains during the dry season. In fact they remember ancient rituals, with people approaching the sea with the branches, hitting the water and simulating the rain.

A famous celebration

The Fiesta de las Ramas is very famous and on 1972 October the 20, it has been declared Celebration of national touristic interest. Thousands of people usually attend the party, aproximately between  20.000 y 30.000.

The museum

Since the year 2010 there is a museum in which visitors can discover more about the origin of the celebration, its evolution etc.

Plan your visit to the Fiesta de la Rama

If you will visit Gran Canaria during the celebration in Agaete, plan your visit in advance.

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