By the Canary Islands there are many hidden places for the visitor. Today as Lastminute Transfer we will provide you more details about Teguise, an historical place recognized as one among the most beautiful villages of Spain. Exploring Teguise with us.

Why explore Teguise in Lanzarote

Teguise has been the capital of Lanzarote since  XV century up the second half of  XIX century. In the year 1852  Arrecife started to be the capital of the island.

When Teguise was capital, it become the most civil and important urban center of the archipelago. For this reason it conserves an important architectural trace of that time.

One of the most beautiful villages of Spain

Just visiting Teguise you will understand why it has gained the possibility to belong to the list of the most beautiful villages of Spain.

This is what has been decided by the Asociation of the most beautiful villages of Spain . Recently they announced that Teguise will be included in this list starting from  2020.

In order to obtain this award, Teguise passed more than 40  selection criteria. Among them we should mention important features like heritage preservation, cleanliness of the municipality, status of conservation of the buildings, respect for the traditions, green zones care.

This award is of course, thanks to the population’s effort that try to conserve its history and its roots. For this reason, it’s worth to explore Teguise duiring your trip in Lanzarote.

Explore Teguise with Lastminute Transfer

In Lastminute Transfer we suggest an excursion to discover the Teguise Market. Every Sunday the village is totally transformed thanks to the biggest market of the island.

Remember that we organize also your transfers from the airport and we offer several different  tours,  so that you can enjoy the best of your trip in Lanzarote. Exploring Teguise with Us.