Diving in Playa Chica

Many tourists and visitors of Lanzarote, look for something more than good climate and nice people. Lanzarote offers many cultural options, it’s an ideal destination for sports passionates. Today as  Lastminute Transfer we will explain you why diving is so important in Playa Chica.

Where is located Playa Chica?

Playa Chica is in Puerto del Carmen, one of the most important touristic centers  of the entire island.

By the zone closest to the shore, depth is around 10 meters and waters are calm and crystal because there are dikes. There is also the famous Veril of Playa Chica.

What is the Veril of Playa Chica?

The Veril of Playa Chica is a sandy platform that ends in a slope.  It has a depth of 15- 40 metres, in which the diver can find caves, sheves and cavities that make it so attractive.

Diving in Playa Chica for everybody

Playa Chica offers a background suitable for divers of all levels.

Who decides to practice diving for the first time, can choose a bauptism or snorkelling. Beginners will stay in the less deep zone, easy to reach and with calm waters.

In this zone, there are typical rocky reefs and the marine fauna of the zone. Divers will have the chance to observe iridescent chocos , eels, octopus, soles and crustaceans with colored shells. On the other side, expert divers can reach a mayor depth. If they are lucky, they can see the famous mere Felix, that use to stay at 30 meters depth.

Going depeer it’s possible to find the Gambas Cave. The name is related to the huge amount of naval shrimp that inhabit it. There are also sargos and snorers.

Descending along the slope to a depth of 45 meters, divers can see a surface of sponges and corals that cover the walls. Once down, it is common to find groupers, deep shrimp and orange corals. Divers who want to go further can encounter also sharks and even some whale.

Diving at night with full moon in Playa Chica

Diving at night in Playa Chica is a fantastic option to live a unique experience.           The moon lights up the calm water and everything becomes special.

Different otpions for leisure

Playa Chica is located in Puerto del Carmen, a touristic center that offers several options to the visitor: many restaurants, shops, hotels…The priority is that the tourist can enjoy.

Different companies organize courses and immersions to enjoy diving in Playa Chica.

In Lastminute Transfer  we reccomend this unique experience. You can book with us also your transfer from the airport and the best excursions in Lanzarote. Enjoy Lanzarote!