What to do in Costa Teguise

Lanzarote is an impressive and orginal island. There different destinations and Costa Teguise is one among the most famous. Today as Lastminute Transfer we will explain to you what you can do in Costa Teguise. The ubication of Costa Teguise Teguise is one of the most important touristic centers of [...]

Tourism in Puerto del Carmen

The first zone in Lanzarote when tourism started has been  Puerto del Carmen. It’s ubicated very close to the airport, at the beginning it was a sailor village but it became soon one of the most touristic places in Canary Islands. Today as  Last Minute Transfer we will give you [...]

Canarian Mojo: the delicious canarian sauce

Tourism on Canary Islands is influenced also by a great gastronomy. In Canary Islands is possible to find hundreds of typical products, but the most famous is the canarian mojo. It is available everywhere in the islands. As Last Minute Transfer  we will provide you more details about this delicious [...]

Why buses in Canary Islands are called Guagua

En Last Minute Transfer we are expert in excursions and transfer in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. Even if for us the word guagua is popular and common, for the tourist is still so curious. Today we will mention different theoried about the reason why buses in Canary Islands are called [...]

Cetacean in Lanzarote

As Canarian Transfer we want to tell you hundreds of valid reasons to visit Lanzarote. One among them is the opportunity to see cetacean in Lanzarote. Perfect longitude and latitude of Lanzarote In Canary Islands, thanks to their geographical location, there is the opportunity to see a wide marine fauna. [...]

César Manrique, heart of Lanzarote

When you talk about Lanzarote, you should automatically mention also César Manrique. His artworks are all over the island and the local people is so proud of him. As Canarian Transfer we want to better explain to you who was Manrique and which are his masterpieces. Life of Manrique César [...]


Lanzarote is a very impressive island, famous also for its proper wines. Today they have a specific denomination as DO Vinos of Lanzarote, created in 1993. An historical tradition In the documents is possible to find information about the wines of Lanzarote since  1737. At the beginning the wine produced [...]

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Origin of the name of Canary Islands

There are many many different theories about the origin of the name of Canary Islands. It’s no totally confirmed but today as  Canarian Transfer we will tell you some curiosities about the name. The name Canary Islands is not related to the songbird as many people think Many people are [...]


If you are thinking in your next trip and you want something different but at the same time original, why you don’t take in consideration to visit Lanzarote? As Lastminute Transfer we will wait for you and we want to give you some suggestions to enjoy this magic island! Original [...]

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