Teguise’s diablets

History of Teguise’s diablets There are different theories about the origin of the Teguise’s diablets. One says that they reffer to the ritual dances of the ancient mahos. The ancient aborigens who lived in the island use to dance with different aims: competion, rituals, celebrations. During the harvest time, the [...]

The cold cuts of Teror

Gran Canaria offers sun, beach, architecture, history, culture and also gastronomy. Among the most famous products of Gran Canaria we should mention also the cold cuts of  Teror. As Lastminute Transfer we tell you about two of its most wellknown products. Cold cuts of Teror Teror is one of the [...]

Discover Teror in Gran Canaria

Teror is popular in Canary Islands as important center of pilgrimages. Teror is located just 20 km away from  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and it’s an excelent cultural proposal that we offer as Lastminute Transfer. Reasons to discover Teror Teror is famous for several resons but the main one [...]

Jameíto: a curious inhabitant of Lanzarote

Jameíto: a curious inhabitant of Lanzarote For thos of you who already know Lanzarote, you are probably think that the Jameíto is related to the Jameos del Agua and you’re right. It’s an endemic species of decápodo crustaceans of  Lanzarote island. It’s known also as blind crab of jameos or [...]

The Hervideros of Lanzarote

If you are looking for a destination able to offer different experiences but that at the same time easy to visit, Lanzarote is the perfect place. In addition to the wonderful beaches and to the impressive artworks of Manrique, there are also surprising places like the Hervideros of Lanzarote. Discover [...]

Discover the Janubio salt flats

The offer of Lanzarote for the visitor is always very rich. Among the most important places to see, there are the famous Janubio Salt flats. Today as Lastminute Transfer we give you more details about this curious place in Lanzarote. Where are located the Janubio salt flats The Janubio Salt [...]

Golf in Lanzarote

As Lastminute Transfer we suggest you to visit Lanzarote. It’s perfect for all travelers type. The island offers different options that people wants to find in a vacational place.  A good way to enjoy the island is golf in Lanzarote, for istance. Today we provide to the golfers, more information [...]

Reasons to visit Gran Canaria

Several reasons to discover Gran Canaria Canary Islands are also known as Islas Afortunadas. The archipelago is characterized by several qualities that other touristic destinations would like to have.  One of the the most wellknown island is Gran Canaria. If you are planning your next visit, as Lastminute Transfer  we [...]

Vará del Pescao 2019 in Gran Canaria

Vará del Pescao 2019 Spain is famous for its several cultural traditions.  For istance the pilgrimages as the popular Vará del pescao, that is celebrated every year in Gran Canaria. Today in Lastminute Transfer we provide you more information about this famous event. Origin of Vará del Pescao This celebration [...]