Lanzarote is a volcanic island,it  is very famous as the island of volcanoes for its composition and special landscapes. In  Last Minute Transfer we will show you one of the greatest places for volcanology lovers: the volcano El Cuervo of Lanzarote.

The reason why to discover El Cuervo in Lanzarote

Although there are several interesting volcanoes, El Cuervo of Lanzarote is one of the most accessible. On the other hand, its beauty is very attractive for tourists. Walking everywhere is a very precious sensation.

How to get to the Volcano El Cuervo

The best way to get there is by car. There is a car park between La Geria and Mancha Blanca. The journey will be a circular path with a good delimitation and different explanatory signs. It should not be forgotten that, for safety reasons, it is forbidden to leave the route.

Following the signs, in about 3 km, you will arrive at the coast of the volcano and you will be able to reach the caldera. Although it seems very long, the road is very pleasant thanks to the low difference in height. It’s a really great tour.

A wonderful landscape

Many people thinks that Lanzarote is really similar to Mars because its scenery is very wild. Discovering the volcano is the best experience you can have.

The view from the parking  is already incredible. A blanket of volcanic ash whit strong lichens, tabaibas, verodes and taboos, accompanies you to the entrance of the crater.

Once there, the feelings are different. On the one hand, the breathtaking views of La Geria and on the other hand the vision of all the geological structures left by the volcanoes in each eruption. From lava fields or malpaís, passing by the volcanic cones and the view of several nearby craters. Finally, the range of colors provided by the different minerals of the area.

Inside the Crater

Unlike other volcanoes, you can visit the inside of the crater of the Volcano El Cuervo in Lanzarote. When you reach the crater’s edge, a path goes between two mountains with a slight slope.

As a result, there were remains of rocks scattered throughout the terrain, as well as the marks of the different heights that the lava reached when the crater was filled.

Enjoying Lanzarote

The Volcano El Cuervo is one of the many legacies of the different eruptions that Lanzarote suffered in the past. As LastMinute Transfer we encourage you to know these and many other interesting things about the island.

That’s why we offer you the best transfers  in Lanzarote and the best tours,  so you don’t lose  anything about the Island. Are you coming to visit us?