The first zone in Lanzarote when tourism started has been  Puerto del Carmen. It’s ubicated very close to the airport, at the beginning it was a sailor village but it became soon one of the most touristic places in Canary Islands. Today as  Last Minute Transfer we will give you more information about tourism in Puerto del Carmen.

Tourism started in Sixties

People from Lanzarote were able to use all the resources of the island. The landscapes in Lanzarote are so difficult for coultivations, so that locals had to find alternatives.

In several cases, women spent their time working in the fields while men used to sail at sea.

This started to change step by step in the Sixties. In that time, 2 famous hotels have been built in Puerto del Carmen: Hotel Fariones and Hotel San Antonio. These 2 hotels still exist, and with them Lanzarote started to develop its big touristic potential.

The ideal location

Several reasons transformed this place in a very popular place, known in all Canary Islands.

The first reason is its location: it’s ubicated just 10 Km from Lanzarote airport and it is very easy to get there.

Its climate conditions are very special. Lanzarote has a stable climate all the year  but it is considered as very windy. On the other side, Puerto del Carmen is protected by the wind and thanks also to the sun, it’s an ideal place where you can enjoy the beach.

About beaches, has more than 6 Km of beaches.  The most famous are Playa Chica, Playa Grande, Guacimeta, Los Pocillos, Matagorda or La Peñita. A part of these beaches, it’s so easy to find a good spot where you can enjoy the good weather.

Nightlife in this place

Nightlife is one of the main attraction. It’s quite easy to find disco and clubs so close to the beach and there are different options for all ages.

Tourism of sport or familes in Puerto del Carmen

In this site several hoteles offer facilities ideal for families so that children can enjoy the activities organized for them. There are also a lot of hotels that offer gym, spa and swimmingpools.

The good weather in Lanzarote, makes that local people and tourists can run, walk and practice severals sports in the streets and promenade. Also the divers can enjoy Puerto del Carmen for its life underwater.

Other leisure options

There are also shopping centers where you can find options for every ages. It’s possible to visit also the Rancho Texas park, with different animals and exotic species.

Of course, from Puerto del Carmen is possible to start different  excursions to discover  Lanzarote. As Last Minute Transfer we offer different options of itineraries, and the best transfers from the airport to Puerto del Carmen.