Lanzarote is an incredible place. It’s ideal to practice several kind of sports. For example since the year  2017 takes place the Swimrun Lanzarote. We will tell you more details in Lastminute Transfer.

In which consist the Swimrun Lanzarote?

The name comes from english:  “swim” and “run“, it is a mix of the 2 sports.

It seems that this sport originated in Sweden, precisely in Stockolm. In the year 2002, two couples of friends bet about who would have been able to cross an archipelago ubicated in Sweden.

Since this moment, it became very popular among sport passionats, who started to practice it in the entire Europe.

Next event will take place on November the 23rd. You cannot miss it!

What is it?

This adventure sport is practicd as couple. There are different kind of team: male, female, mixed.

About the race there are different superficies: trail, field, beach, rocks, while the swimming part takes place in open water.

A sustainable competition

The Swimrun Lanzarote is a sustainable competition and the aim is the environmental protection.

The race takes place in very sensitive natural spaces such as trails, beach and sea. It’s mandatory to respect the environment and if any attendant throws trash during the competition, he will be immeditaley eliminated.

All the attendands are also obliged to provide help to the others participants, in case of need and they should also inform the organization.

The participants should bring mandatory equipement and save it for the entire duration of the competition. A part of the phisycal preparation, they should also study materials and the design of the equipment.

Three different mode for adults

In then adult category, there are 3 different types:

Maratón, that this year begins from Santa Bárbara Castle in Teguise with an itinerary of 40 km (33,7 Km running and  5,9 Km swimming).

Sprint of about  17 km,  with starting point from  San Gabriel Castle in Arrecife (13,8 Km running and 3,6 Km swimming).

Starter it begins in  Playa Honda and the itinerary is more than 8 Km (6,8 Km running and 1,6 Km swimming).

It exists also a softer version for children.

Enjoy Lanzarote practicing sports

If you like sports and you want to try the Swimrun Lanzarote, start to organize your trip to attend the competition or just to train in a unic place.

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