Several reasons to discover Gran Canaria

Canary Islands are also known as Islas Afortunadas. The archipelago is characterized by several qualities that other touristic destinations would like to have.  One of the the most wellknown island is Gran Canaria. If you are planning your next visit, as Lastminute Transfer  we suggest you different reasons to discover Gran Canaria.

A perfect climate

The geographical location of Gran Canaria makes possible that the island count of good weather during the entire year. Of course there are mountains zones with lower temperature but the annual average temperature of Gran Canaria is 24ºC.

A miniature continent

Gran Canaria is often defined as “the miniature continent” because even if it’s small, there are very different micro climates.

There are big mountains, beautiful beaches, fertile fields with a lot of vegetation, dunes, volcanos, cliffs…..Travelling around Gran Canaria is a continue surprise for its rich variety.

A destination for everybody

Are you looking for a destination to travel with the entire family? Do you want to have fun with friends? Do you want a solo playa vacation? Are you in search of a destination where to go with your partner? Are you looking for sports and adrenaline?

Gran Canaria is an island that offer attractions for every kind of traveller. You don’t have excuse to say no.

A lot of beaches

In Gran Canaria there are more than 50 kilometres of beaches. You can find beaches with fine white sand, others with dark sand, urban beaches or wild ones…Look for your ideal beach in Gran Canaria  and enjoy it in every season of the year.  There are also  beaches where dogs are allowed.

Cultural visits

Another reasons to visit Gran Canaria is because the island is not famous just for its beaches. In Gran Canaria there are many villages to visit. If you want to discover the most important places of the island, have a look to our excursions and enjoy your vacations.

Learn the traditions of the villages of Gran Canaria and bring with you a small piece of history.

Gastronomy of the island

Statistics say that a person every four, usually travels for gastronomy. Gran Canaria offers a lot of products of the best quality.

You should necessarily taste the “carne de fiesta” (marinated pork), the canarian stew, the sancocho or the fish vieja with papas arrugadas. If you like cheese, you should taste the famous and unic cheese of flower.

Relax in Gran Canaria

If you want to rest and relax, you can find a lot of  Spa and Wellness centers and you will feel regenerated after that.

You can test also the products with Aloe Vera originary of the island, like gels, cremes, pomades, etc.  for all types of care and conditions.


In the island you can practice your favourite sport with a perfect climate. You can practice hiking, snorkelling, climbing, surf, windsurf, kitesurf, swimming, bikes…

Do you still have doubts about visiting  Gran Canaria? If you want a comfortable and easy trip, you have to choose Lastminute Transfer for your transfer from the airport.  Start your holidays in the best way!