There are many many different theories about the origin of the name of Canary Islands. It’s no totally confirmed but today as  Canarian Transfer we will tell you some curiosities about the name.

The name Canary Islands is not related to the songbird as many people think

Many people are convinced that name Canary Islands referres to the songbird and at the same time they think that on the islands there are more birds than humans. It makes sense but it’s not the correct theory.

The name Canary Islands can be about dogs

This is the most probable theory. A lot of experts say that the king Juba II of Mauritania, sent his men to conquer Canary Islands. It’s possible than when they arrived they found a lot of dogs. They were so surprised and they called the islands “Insulare Canaria” (islands of dogs).

If the name is not related to dogs?

Recently, experts started to think in an translation mistake: maybe when the men of Juba II arrived to Canary Islands, they did not find any dogs but monks. If this theory is true, it replaces the other ones.

Probably the origin of the name is not related to animals

A third theory, replaces the other 2 related to animals. Many experts tell that at that time there was in that area a bereber tribu called Canarii. They were mainly based in Gran Canaria and for this reason the name….

At the end which is the correct theory?  

Even if every theory could be true, there are no proofs enough to confirm the origin of the name.  Which is your personal opinion? What do you think?

Even if we are not 100% sure about the origin of the name of Canary Islands, as Canarian Transfer, we want to offer to you our transfer services and our excursions so that you can explore these wonderful islands. We are waiting for you!