The Canary Islands, with their temperate climate all year round, their impressive natural beauty, and their variety of activities, are an idyllic destination for older tourists. If you want to know more, today in our blog we talk about Senior Tourism in the Canary Islands.

Year-round Senior Tourism in the Canary Islands

Whether you’re looking for rest, adventure, or culture, the Canaries offer a wide variety of options that can suit any interest and energy level. Thus, they are the perfect destination for senior tourists, for various reasons.

Ideal climate

One of the great advantages of the Canary Islands is their climate. With mild temperatures all year round, they are an excellent place to enjoy the sun and escape the winter cold.

It is, therefore, a friendly climate and especially pleasant for older people, as it allows outdoor activities and walks at any time of the day without having to worry about extreme cold or sweltering heat.

Natural beauty and diversity of landscapes

The Canary Islands are a true paradise for nature lovers. From the beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, to the majestic volcanoes and lush forests, there are always options for everyone.

In our islands, it is possible to enjoy a relaxing walk on the beach, but also explore impressive national parks. Or, why not, marvel at the unique flora and fauna in our territory.

Activities and excursions for senior tourism in the Canary Islands

Although the Canary Islands are a wonderful place to relax, they also offer a wide range of activities for those looking for a bit of adventure or culture.

There are numerous excursions available, from visits to museums and historical sites, to boat trips to watch whales and dolphins. In our portfolio, we have different tours, ideal for all tastes and traveler profiles.

We also offer comfortable transfers for your travels on the islands.

At the same time, golf lovers have several high-quality courses spread across the islands.

Services oriented towards the elderly

The Canary Islands are aware of the importance of senior tourism. As such, they offer a number of services to meet the specific needs of this group throughout the year.

Many hotels have adapted facilities and rooms, as well as entertainment programs specially designed for seniors. In addition, the high level of healthcare on the islands provides visitors with greater peace of mind.

Exceptional gastronomy

Finally, Canarian cuisine is rich and varied, with influences from Spanish, African, and Latin American cuisine.

Therefore, older people can enjoy a variety of local dishes, from “papas arrugadas” with mojo, to fresh fish. In addition, the Canaries produce excellent wines that have gained international recognition.

For all these reasons, Senior Tourism in the Canary Islands is always a great idea, at any time of the year.