Gran Canaria is an island able to offer several different options. As Lastminute Transfer, we offer the possibility to visit Galdar with our excursion Time Travel.

Discover Gáldar with Lastminute Transfer

This visit is a proper time travel.  With this excursion is possible to know different foundamental steps of Gran Canaria’s history.

Among them we should mention  Gáldar, one of the ancient kingdom of Gran Canaria, Guanartematos.

The old town of Gáldar

The old town of Gáldar offers many attractions for the visitor and it’ has been declared  Conjunto Histórico in the year 1981.

The ancient town hall of  Gáldar, is also known as the ancient town hall houses that have been built on an old building of  XVIII century.

By the patio there is one among the most ancient dragon trees of Gran Canaria, that has been planted in 1718.

In Gáldar there is also the church Matriz de Santiago de los Caballeros, one among the most beautfiul of Canary Islands.

It’s very nice and the mix among the baroque elements and the neoclasical ones, makes it very curious. Inside there are proper masterpieces, like the famous pila verde in which have been baptized the canaries who were defeated during the conquest of the island.

By the old town there is also the Plaza Grande, of  the 19th century, with many laurels of Indian and acacia trees.

If you like local markets, in Gáldar you will find the Municipal Market or Mercado de la Recova. There are eleven stands; they are open every days except Sundays and holidays. They have every kind of good food.

Before leaving Gáldar you should visit its  town hall Teather or Municipal Theater. The building is of the year  1912, but it has been deeply reformed in 2010.

Museum and Archaeological Park Cueva Pintada

A part of the old town, visiting Gáldar is possible to know its Museum and Archaeological Park  Cueva Pintada.

Many people consider it as the Sistine Chapel of the ancient aborigenal of Canary Islands.  Cueva Pintada is one among the most important archaeological sites in Canary Islands.

Thanks to audiovisual media is possible to discover more details about the prehispanic world.

Necropolis of the Guancha

Close to Gáldar there is the Necropolis of the Guancha, an archaeological zone that conserves the remains of a village in which the ancient inhabitants of Gran Canaria use to live.

It’s part of the Archaeological Zone of the coast of Gáldar and prehispanic culture passionates, should necessarily visit it.

Visit Gáldar with Lastminute Transfer

If you want to visit Gáldar, as Lastminute Transfer , with the excursion Travel Time, we offer the possibility to discover this place.

After the visit to its old town, we will bring you to see some bananas trees so that you can know one of the typical products of Canary Islands.

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