Gran Canaria is for many people just a destinaton of sun, beach and party but on the contrary it’s an island with a lot of resources. Among them we should mention the Caves of Valerón. We provide you more details in  Lastminute Transfer.

The Cave of Valerón

The Cave of  Valerón is an ancient bran that nowadays is protected as archeological park. It’s very peculiar because it’s excavated in a cave.

It has more than 800 years and aborigenous who use to live there, used tools of wood and rock to excavate the rocks. The could build almost 300 rooms where store cereals of their harvest.

Walls are vertical and the staggered disposition of its rooms, always surprise the visitor.

Where is located the Caves of Valerón

This bran is hidden in a ravine of difficult access. Thanks to its peculiar location, it has been possible to keep safe food and other valuables.

In order to visit it, you should come close to the municipality of  Santa María de Guía and look for the Barranco of Valerón that is located almost 20Km from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The origin of the name

At the beginning, when this site has been discovered, the thoughts were that it was a sort of convent in which young ladies of rich families had to stay until marriage. Further later studies denied this idea and the site was considered as barn.

What to see in the Caves of Valerón

At the site, the visitor can see a series of holes in the walls, individual or connected to each other. The sizes are also different between one and three square meters, approximately.

There still are some remains of stairs that allowed to reach different parts of the barn. It’ s possible to observe also marks of eventual doors that use to close each department.

A part of the structure, by the site it’s possible to see ceramic, human bones, ashes, idols and other objects probably belongings to the guards of the barn.

A protected place

In the year 1974 it has been declared Good of Cultural Interest, for the category Archaeological Zone.

It’s open to the public as Archaeological Park and it belongs to the Net of Archeological Parks of Gran Canaria.

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