Tourism on Canary Islands is influenced also by a great gastronomy. In Canary Islands is possible to find hundreds of typical products, but the most famous is the canarian mojo. It is available everywhere in the islands.

As Last Minute Transfer  we will provide you more details about this delicious sauce.

What is the canarian mojo?

Canarian mojo is a sauce, used with every kind of salt plates. The perfect combination is mojo with a typical type of potatoes called papas arrugadas.

Of course the mojo sauce is perfect also with meat or fish. It allows you to prepare several tasty recipes.

Which is the origin of mojo?

Canary Islands are ubicated among Europe, Africa and America and for this reason they are carachterized by a mix of cultures also from a gastronomical point of view.

For this reason, starting from the primitive mojo sauce, other different combinations and varieties have been  generated . People believe the mojo sauce was created for the first time during the XV century.

How is the original mojo?

The original mojo is prepared with oil, vinegar, salt, garlic and according to the traditions it has to be prepared using a morter. From the base of the sauce, according to the type of mojo you want to prepare, a lot of other ingredients can be added.

Which are the different types of mojos available?

In a canarian menu, the typical mojo picon is a must!It is prepared with pepper in addition to the other ingredients previously mentioned.

Also the green mojo is very famous, prepared with parsley and coriander but also the red mojo as well. The list fo canarian mojos is huge and the immagination is the best ingredient. It is possible to find also other different mojos such as the almonds ones, origan, cumin, chees, tomate, green pepper, etc…

There ano identic mojos becase each cooker prepares its particular canarian mojo. And you? Are you not curious to taste it?

In Last Minute Transfer  we will show you the best parts of Gran Canaria and Lanzarote and of course you will enjoy also the canarian gastronomy.