In Canary Islands there are many nice things to discover. One of them is the aloe vera in Lanzarote. Today in  Last minute transfer  will talk about that.

The  aloe vera in Lanzarote

There are a lot of products with aloe vera in the Canary Islands. These islands are the biggest producer of aloe vera in Europe.

In  Canary Islands you can find many products made with aloe vera.

The soil of these islands offers particular features that allow the cultivation of this plant that well adapts to the conditions of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

In Lanzarote, 150 hectares of land are used to cultivate it. This results is approximately 6 million kilograms of aloe per year. It’s very great, isn’t it?

An ancient plant

There is evidence of the existence of aloe vera in Egyptian times. A 1500 years before Christ, an old papyrus talks about its use. Over the years different cultures have used aloe vera in its different applications.

Who introduced this precious plant into the America was Christopher Columbus.

In the recent  history, aloe vera was very important in different sectors. Its main use is in cosmetics and dermatology but it is also used in pharmacy, cooking, etc…

Properties of the aloe vera in Lanzarote

The aloe cultivated here is the aloe barbadensis miller, best known as aloe vera.

Canarian aloe vera offers multiple beneficial properties, with many applications. Among them, the most important is its healing power, very effective to take care of burns, bites, irritations, stretch marks, scars or wounds.

In addition, its great effectiveness in treating skin problems such as acne, blemishes, dermatitis, herpes, warts, psoriasis, rashes, etc. is very famous. On the other hand, it is also used for different muscular pains, headaches, menstrual pains, osteoporosis, inflammations, oral problems, rheumatism, arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.

Learning all about the aloe vera in Lanzarote

There are several plantations of aloe vera in Lanzarote that it is possible to visit. This is a different and curious tour that is well worth it. In the area of  Órzola-Haría, in the north of the de island there is a plantation who allows free daily excursions in many languages.

But in addition to this area, there are different museums located through the island of Lanzarote. Among them, there are Aloe museum in Arrieta, Yaiza, Punta Mujeres, Teguise y Órzola. La Graciosa also has a special  space dedicated to aloe in the Chinijo Museum. These places are true centers of interpretation of aloe vera. Here you can learn many things about the history of aloe vera, its cultivation, the care it needs and what it can be used for. In addition to learning, you can also find a store where they explain and sell aloe vera products.

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