Playa de las Canteras, Las Palmas

Gran Canaria is a sort of mini continent and its capital is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. There you can find Playa de Las Canteras, defined as one among the best urban beaches of Spain. As Lastminute Transfer  we suggest you to discover it.

Nice climate

Las Palmas has a nice climate all the year long. It is possible to go to the beach in every season.

Playa de las Canteras, is the most famous beach of Gran Canaria, of all Canary Isands, of Spain and of part of Europe.

Calm waters

Las Canteras offers calm waters and this mainly depends on La Barra, a barrier of sandstone and calcareous rock parallel to the sand, which acts as a breakwater and allows it to be a bathing area without frights.

This barrier was exploited in the past as a quarry to extract its mineral, which was used as raw material for local constructions. That’s why the name La Playa de las Canteras. This beach has been assigned with the title of blue flag, thanks to the quality of it services.


Animated beach

This beach is located in an enviable zone, close to the city center. For this reason it offers a lot of services for the visitors.

Close to the beach, there are a lot of hotels, lifeguards, police, sport areas, play areas for children, Wifi points, access for people with handicap, tourist info.

It’s an ideal place where you can enjoy the sun, the snorkelling, the water sports. And if you like animals there you can find a varied fauna. There are a lot of restaurants,  pubs and shops that complete the offer of this beach.

3 different zones of the same beach

Playa de las Canteras has an extension of 3.100 metres, divided in 3 zones.

Aarco norte o Playa Grande, with an extension of more than 1.100 metres. It’s protected by La Barra and by the mountains of Peninsula de la Isleta. By the zone of La Puntilla, the sand accumulates naturally.

Arco central, by the central zone of the beach, known also as Playa Chica with an extension of about 160 metres.

Arco sur or Playa de la Cícer o de Guanarteme, with a longitude of 1.080 metres. This part of the beach always changes because it is not protected by La Barra. Local people use to say that this beach is never the same.

César Manrique

César Manrique in known above all in Lanzarote, but he left his mark in different zones of the archipiélago.

For istance the Wind toy, ubicated by Playa de las Canteras. It is a mobile sculpture in iron that was planted in the area of ​​La Puntilla in 1991.

Tribute to Alfredo Kraus

In one of the end of Playa de las Canteras there is the Auditorium Alfredo Kraus. About at 80 metres of this emblematic building, the canarian tenor has its own bronce sculpture.

The statue is about  8,5 metres high, it’s the tribute to one of the big tenors of  XX century.

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