One of the favourites aspects that tourists most like is go shopping. In Lastminute Transfer  we inform the visitor of Lanzarote, that there are several markets.  Do you want to discover them with us?

Markets in Lanzarote

In Lanzarote, so like in other islands there are different markets because it’s an economic activity with several pros. Local producers like  farmers and artisans can take advantage of their products.  These markets contribute to the creation and the conservation of local business that generate profits for the economy of the island.

On the other side, visitors can find typical products of the island, concentrated in a unique place.  These markets increase tourism in different areas of the island and this generates many benefits.

Most popular markets of Lanzarote

One among the most popular markets of Lanzarote is the Villa de Teguise ones, that is on every Sundays. To discover it in a comfortable way, as Lastminute Transfer we offer a specific tour to the Teguise Market where you can find any kind of products.

Another famous ones is the  Playa Blanca market, that takes place in Marina Rubicón on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It’s a dinamic market with incredible surroundings.

Different markets of Lanzarote

A part of these 2 big markets, there are other options to go shopping in Lanzarote.

Pueblo Marinero in Costa Teguise

By the Pueblo Marinero of Costa Teguise every Tuesdays in the morning there is an agricultural market and in the same place on Wednesday there’s an handcraft market.

Markets in Arrecife

By the square Las Palmas or of the church of San Ginés in Arrecife, on Saturday it is possible to buy food and handcrafts. If you visit the same zone on Wednesday or Thursday, there is another handcraft market.

Puerto del Carmen

By the touristic center of Puerto del Carmen, each Wednesday and Saturday  in the morning and in the afternoon, there’s an handcraft market. It takes place by the Shopping Center Biosfera Plaza and it’s possible to find handcraft products and original things.

In Puerto del Carmen as well, on Friday in the morning, by the Plaza de El Bañadero de la Tiñosa, there is a street market with local products.

Markets in other villages

Markets mainly take place during the weeekend but in Puerto Calero it’s on Tuesday and Friday in the morning. There it’s possible to find everything.

In Tinajo on Sunday morning there is the traditional agricultural market of  Mancha Blanca. Another agricultural market is the one of San Bartolomé the first Sunday of each month. Here a part of agricultural products it’s possibe to find handcrafts, wines, cheese and cakes.

In Uga, close to Yaiza, there is a municipal market on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

On Saturday in the morning Haría and Tías offer also the possibility to visit its municipal market.

Come for shopping with  Lastminute Transfer

If you like go shopping, getting involved with local people, discovering new sites and visiting markets.., so you should come with us.

Enjoy our excursions to the  Teguise Market and to the Playa Blanca market and bring with you the best of  Lanzarote.