Lanzarote is a wonderful island, suitable for every kind of water sports. It has aproximately 250 Km of coasts, with unic places where you can practice water sports, mainly diving. Today as Lastminute Transfer we will provide you more details about diving in Lanzarote.

Bottom of the Ocean in Lanzarote

The sea floors in Lanzarote are characterized by a reach biodiversity. There are several vegetables species and according to the fauna is possible to see groupers, sole, garden eels, iridescent cuttlefish, tuna, barracudas, cuttlefish, octopus, seahorses, starfish and countless colorful fish.

In the waters of Lanzarote it is possible to find also a lot of cetaceans and angel sharks.

Experts say that the orography underwater s unic and the sea floors are characterized by amazing rocky reefs.

Diving centers in Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote is a special place where starting the business of a diving center. There are a lot of diving centers all around the island, mainly ubicated in Puerto Calero, Playa Blanca, Costa Teguise, La Santa, Puerto del Carmen…

Diving centers offers a wide offer of activities, as for beginners interested in a diving baptism as for the more expert. Let’s find the best suitable option for you!

Museo Atlántico of Lanzarote

A part of the several spots where diving in Lanzarote, there is also the famous attraction: Museo Atlántico of Lanzarote.

This museum is situated in the south of the island, 300 metres close to the Bahía de las Coloradas. There are more than 300 sculptures at 12 metres depth, for a total surface of 2500 squared meters.

The autor is the british artist, ecologist and diver Jason deCaires Taylor. The sculptures are made with an ecofriendly material able to facilitate the creation of articial coral reefs.

Sculptures have been realized using real residents of Lanzarote as models. It’s also a sort of tribute to the people of the island.

Special places for diving in Lanzarote

Who is looking for a different experience, can choose a night dive, available in spots such as Playa Chica or Puerto del Carmen. There are also special caves for istance Cueva de las Gambas, the Catedral and the famous Blue Hole. If you don’t have time enough to discover all these spots, don’t worry because every kind of diving in Lanzarote is really special.

To make your stay in Lanzarote a 360° experience, as Lastminute Transfer we will organize your transfer from the airport to your accomodation. We will offer also the best excursions,  so that you can discover the island!